Boiling Frogs! Wise words there Dave And it looks like, There is nothing, That we can do about it, The New World order And One world government Is on its way! By locking us all up, In our own homes, With new, restrictive And Draconian laws, Being brought out, Each day! Because, of a Man made, And Patented virus, Orchestrated, All over the globe, No one is allowed, To go to work, Socialise, Venture too far From home, Otherwise Big fines, Or jail terms, Will be coming, Your way! Families stuck inside, With nothing to eat! A screaming wife And three kids, That all the Time greet! For some, Life, At the moment, Is not at all sweet! Virus statistics, Being manipulated, Most testing positive, On the Death certificate, You will see! Died, (WITH) COVID! There are no more, People dying now, Than there were, This time last year! It’s not like it is, A killer pandemic, This is a grab, For the Soul, And all, The regulations, About, Self isolation, Self imprisonment, Social distancing, One excercise, Period a day! A one hour walk, Have an hour run, Or three quarters Of an hour, Cycling, The new laws say! Its al,l Just for control! Step out of line, Then you, Will, Get hit, Wth a Massive fine! I believe that, In South Africa, You cannot, Even buy, Fags or wine? What on earth, Has that, Got to do? With, Getting or giving, Someone the Flu? You see people, Out here in Glasgow Walking their dogs!, My opinion is, That the, Worlds Population, Is, Getting Treated, Like Boiling Frogs! Thanks for The inspiration Dave Marks. Copyright David Nicoll 13.04.2020